Digital Learning at Piedmont

Ms. Norton's class isn't the only place you'll find tech at Piedmont! It's the 21st century now--and it has been for more than a decade! That means we have tech such as iPads laptops and desktops for Student learning as well as students' own BYOT (bring your own tech) devices. It also means that the tech is not an end in itself but a tool to use toward learning, thinking, creating and evaluating together. What does that look like? Take a look...

Piedmont Students Create with Tech

  • Students create music videos to review their units in Ms. Bell, Mr. Fatzinger and Ms. Peterson's classes. Click below to watch Ms. Bell's students musically explain DNA:

  • Students use tech enhanced presentations to share their knowledge with each other. Mr. Reddig's students created this Prezi

  • One of Ms. Kay's students used tech to make the ancient super modern in his project- he built an Ancient Egyptian pyramid complete with secret chambers using Minecraft! If you're interested in how to use games for education instead of just entertainment, see Mr. Fatzinger as he's in the process of gamifying his classes! He and Mr. George's Truman Mock Trial is something as well.

  • Senor Kennedy's students blog in Spanish and receive feedback from him and their classmates on their entries

  • Students in our Challenge 20/20 club completed an online collaborative project with students in Poland and Colorado without having to leave their time zone!

Piedmont Faculty Teach with Tech

  • Ms. Winegardner's students can practice playing their instruments with her anytime thanks to her Vimeo site

  • World Language features some of the most visually appealing sites anywhere as you can see by Ms. Josephs' Glogster-enhanced welcome pages. But they aren't just good looking, sites hers, Ms. Hall's and Ms. Madan's also feature educreations flipped lessons, Quia games and flashcards so student homework and memorization is meaningful and efficient. In class, students are recording audio and using appls like 3 Ring.

  • google docs.jpgAlthough not all apps are available at school, Mr. Kennedy's tests grade themselves as students complete their online quizzes with Google Docs forms. When they complete the work on line at
    answers are sent automatically to Mr. Kennedy via spreadsheet.

  • Teachers use QR codes to connect to info students can use in class and to homework pages.good qr.jpg You will see these codes posted throughout the building.
  • Mr. Farris created a Voki Avatar welcoming students to his website where they can find videos of his science topics

  • Besides blogging, Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Barone are also stars of their own high tech green-screened show on the morning announcements! Ms. Whiting becomes superlibrarian for her show in front of this greenscreen as well.
Delaney and Barone Show.JPG
It's time..for...the Delaney and Barone Show-oow!

  • Just Because Mr. Grieves, Ms. Hanson and Ms. Snyder teach Shakespeare doesn't mean they aren't modern,Shakespeare Blogging.jpg they use Kidblog like this sample class blog

and webquests like this one for Cherokee

While Ms. Brown uses the online textbook so student backpacks don't weigh a ton.

  • inanimate alice.jpgMs. Bailey uses Inanimate Alice as a 21st century interactive web novel in her flipped classroom.

  • Ms. Macleod's students make videos and upload them to Gaggle in Drama class. They can learn more by watching themselves perform, she reports, than from just listening to others critique how they did.

  • Mr. Booth may be the next Sal Khan at , or perhaps it will be Ms. Suckstorff or Mr. Kollar for their Educreations. Click on the white space below to watch them draw and teach!
Ms. Delrey, Lamb, Callahan, and Davis are using iPads in their classes. Those iPads are very popular. Math Teachers are also using Penda Learning as an online learning platform
www.pendalearning.comand Ms. Palgut embeds videos of her students' work like cartoon scale drawings

  • Ms. Czerwinski uses an online calendar and embeds it onto her wiki for help organizing. Here's her 21st Century Digitized Art Gallery of what we've created this year

  • Mr. Davis made a digital jeopardy game for us to review. Download and play it here

  • Social Studies and Science teachers like Mr. Miller and Ms. Gregory use Discovery Ed's Techbook as their online interactive textbook. Ms. Peterson has links to Castle Learning and Study Island at her site.

  • You could hear a pin drop when Mr. Parkins reminded students of the true purpose of education and their ability to decide their own fate via a British spoken word poem he was able to share via Youtube: