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Welcome to Ms. Gurthie's site! I'm your education technology ambassador/ professional development facilitator.

Cato Excellence in Teaching Award 2012.jpg
2012 Cato Excellence in Teaching Award (http://www.asceducation.org/cato)

The "facilitator" part means I am here to make it easier for you find and do what you need for your education goals.

The "technology" part refers to the tools of the tech revolution that are making learning more efficient and fun*.

See me or explore this site for tech integration ideas, inspiration, and research assistance.
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*Some people think school should not be fun, that if you are enjoying yourself as you learn, that you must not be getting a rigorous education. Scientific research has proven them wrong. School should be the kind of fun that makes you function at your peak and want to learn more. Some psychologists call this "flow". Seymour Pappert calls it "hard fun". Read more here http://www.papert.org/articles/HardFun.html

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