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2013-2014 Announcements

Digital Learning Day - February 5th. Olympics contest enter the answer to the daily trivia question here

more info on door contest etch coming

Ms. Bailey's Piedmont students

Made an App Cool
3D printing/ 3D printing Robohand
Structure Sensor

Veterans day taps


Definitely go to this!
Passport to Stem
This interactive fair for middle school students and their parents is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the exciting careers available in science, technology, engineering and math. Passport to STEM will be in the Advanced Technology Center at CPCC's Central Campus, where students will have a unique opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art teaching labs, and to talk with representatives from leading companies and local colleges to find out what education is required to have a career in the exciting STEM field.
Saturday, November 23, 2013 (9:00-12:00a.m.)
CPCC Advanced Technology Center

1241 Charlottetowne Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204
To register as an attendee, click here:

App making

student teaches himself to make apps
How to make a web app in 7 minutes
More on how to code, how to make apps, how to make video games all for free

digital citizenship-be nice, and be aware that others aren't

dia de los muertes

Monday- OM application

20/20 with Poland go to Challenge 20/20 page

Hispanic Heritage - Grandpa Iglesias' story

From Ms. Thornburg and Student Council

Student Council Videos below:

Thursday 10/3 Morning videos:
JayWay Speech--look for a new link!!!!!!!111
student speech
Natalia's speech
Sophia for Treasurer
Bria for treas
Jessica C's video
Zannah 's campaign vid

Kayla for Pres

Older videos:

6th period videos-

AM ANnouncmetns -Oct 1st vids-
Zoie for treas
Daniel for Treas
Christian for Pres

Other Non Student Council Announcements:

Tues Oct 1 From Ms. Czerwinski - FundRed
the FundRed project-its a district wide initiative "conducted in collaboration between the CMS Visual Arts Department, the CMS Character Development Department, and the McColl Center for Visual Arts." It's a conceptual art project by Mel Chin, to get people involved in taking action towards raising awareness to lead poisoning by creating "Fundreds".
I have about 1000 templates to homebase teachers during morning announcements Tuesday Oct. 1st
Here is the cms arts fundred info site

and a video

Ms. Burick says "Kid President Pep talk to teachers and students. Its AWESOME! I thought it might be a good video to share on the morning announcements.
Here is the link....

Lakewood High School -Roar Lipdub - not on gaggle tube yet.
MVP Multimedia Video Club - Here is a video made by our club using iMovie trailer maker:

Announcment Archives 2012-2013

Last week of school Announcements:
in honor of the 7th graders in Ms. Bell Ms. Peterson and Mr Fatzinger's classes: Here is one Science Teacher's Gangnam Style Molecule Video: (start the video at minute___ that is the best

Mil and friends did a better one.

f you DONT like big books consider free PDFs read via a PDF reader on your mobile device. Apps like iBooks, Adobe, PDF combo or any PDF reader (get a free one if you want) can let you read any of the FREE books out there all summer. Or buy your favorite author so you can carry it with you everywhere.
Dont forget on Piedmont's mEdia website there are links to free books.
Weds thurs and fri...I don' t know yet but I'll think of something!

May Announcements:
May 30th

If all these internet music vidoes with lazy seals and neon pegasi and space unicorns have seemed too ridiculous (even with lyrics like "lacking in business acumen"). let me introduce you to what you can do this summer: make something better! Parry Gripp got famous for taking video off the internet and using his gift of songwriting. What's your gift? Remember EVERY gift is valuable and useful, especially here in the 21st century when anything is possible!

Next time you are bored this summer, get together with your friends and make a viral video like the Y.NRichkids did last summer (I can't gaggle tube the link so to watch search youtube at home or Gaggletube from within the Gaggle App for Hot Cheetos and Takis)

Many people say that knowing how to make a video will be as important in the future as knowing how to read and write is today so get a friend with a cellphone or ipad and a data plan and get working. Make sure you don't upload anything that would be a negative to your digital footprint, but also know that having a positive online presence is very important, it is better than having no presence at all. Check out my digital footprint page for more info...and send me the links of what you create this summer!

It's been a long time but I am back now that testing is done. Following up on the fabulous success of teaching crowdsourcing via Space Unicorn, I have several more Parry Gripp vidoes that have ridiculous themes but teach big lessons here's my Neon Pegasus lesson:
You think you're watching a flying horse video but it's so much more. Have you ever had that boy or girl you liked not give you the respect you were due? So has neon pegasus. He's been through a lot but he's still strong.
Overarching message- Follow your dreams and don't be defeated. Be you and let the haters make you stronger.

To register, click on this link:

cyber saturday.jpg

IT-oLogy Cyber Saturday
Register your middle school students for the May IT-oLogy Charlotte Cyber Saturday’ on May 18 from 9-12, sponsored by TW Cable and hosted by CPCC. The details follow.
About Cyber Saturday
Cyber Saturday is a free monthly program run by IT-oLogy partners where middle school students can learn more about IT. These creative sessions covers a variety of IT topics including hands-on activities as well as presentations from IT professionals. The content covered on a particular Cyber Saturday rotates each month. The goal of this program is to give students the opportunity to explore and experience technology in new ways, learn about careers in technology, and inspire students to continue to learn through critical thinking so that they increase their proficiency in STEM.

Tech Word of the Day- Crowdsourcing

Serious crowdsourcing-Scientists could not solve a problem understanding a structure of a human protein crucial to AIDS research. Using crowdsourcing, the scientists posted the problem on a gaming site called Foldit. Within 2 weeks, the gamers had FOR FUN, solved a problem scientists had been unable to solve for 12 years.
Fun Crowdsourced Video for a song- Space Unicorn

Email Ms. Gurthie Your Theme Song ideas.

High schoolers' curiosity answered from space

Using the internet, teenagers were able to get a scientist to try out an experiement they were curious about-what happens when you wring out a washcloth in space?
frame title="GaggleTube video player" src="" height="320" width="470" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Boring is in the eye of the beholder.

Having an eye for what others see as boring makes this guy up to $40,000 per painting:

Example -using Minecraft in Education

Minecraft Pyramid Social Studies Project from a student in Ms. K's class

  • If you make a cool tech-infused project for your class, please send Ms. Gurthie the link or email her !

Use tech to get smarter, not dumber (unless you need to play that dumb game for stress management, then go ahead, but make sure you play a smart game, too)

Apps - (do not play games in class, but when you do play games, it should be games that help you design a working nuclear reactor in your garage, right?)

  • Tinkerbox- free app that lets you build cars and other inventions.Blake says do the puzzles first to see how it works then invent.
  • Apps Gone Free -If you have an apple device (iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone) download Apps Gone Free in the App Store. Check it every day and you will get thousands of dollars in apps, some of which will make you smarter and get you college scholarships!
  • Robots -is free this week only. Get it!
  • Hakitzu- robot app that teaches coding- iPad Only

Facebook-If you can legally have a facebook account, use these tips to give your facebook feed More Education, LESS DRAMA (the bad kind, not the Ms. Macleod kind, that kind is good)
  • Like" Science is Awesome" to see great info every day in your facebook feed. Less Drama more Learning! Yea!
  • Other things to "like" on facebook (or have your parents or older siblings like so they can tell you)
    • USA Science &Engineering Festival
    • Radiolab
    • Science Teacher Resources (it is cool, even if you aren't a teacher, trust me)
    • Search FB for any subject you like in school and follow some pages about that
    • Search FB for people like you -there are groups called Women 2.0 (for girls in tech), Black Girls Code (for Black girls in tech), etc.


Watch minute 5:13-6:47. Hacking can be positive. It is creative. It should make things better not worse. It should not leave a stain for others to clean up. Enlightened hacking is not crime or making viruses in a basement, it is mindset toward innovation to make life healthier and happier. Please know that destructive hacking is hurtful beyond yourself and be aware of the consequences to yourself if you are not at a stage of character development to care about classmates or Piedmont. (see 1:40 for an explanation of why some of you are not at that stage yet and please consider it a form of bullying if you havn't thought of it that way yet) for more on positive hacking skills check out hackerscouts, and coding links on the Study Studio page.


Spelbots Robot Team

Mae Jemison

Future Learning

Future School

Photos at

Future Tech

also the original is here

Working at Google

Ms. Gardner's Retirement Video

"There's an App For That" Sesame Street