Research, Creation, Presentation, and 21st Century Product Help:

Welcome to the IB Design Cycle Studio!

This page is helpful for teachers and students who are researching, creating projects or products and designing lessons or presentations. See the Study Studio page for links specific to studying and remembering info.

Whichever topic you are writing or presenting on follow these steps and use these 21st century links (google the word if it is not clickable) to create a great presentation:

General Clearinghouses full of sites and Tools:


How to Search:

You can "just google it" but here are some ways to take that up a notch:

Here is an intro to what web searching is

How to assess credibility:

The web is a great place for research as long as you use credible sites or check info validity. This is one high school teacher's fun way to learn how to research:

Good Educational Sites for researching and learning:
  • youtube
  • khan academy
  • wikipedia
  • site has free college textbooks in tons of subjects.
  • qwiki is like video wikipedia that reads the page to you
  • site that translates and defines every word on a webpage
  • google
  • google scholar
  • Credibility check your research
    • click middle school zone and then click on the blue tabs vertically on the right starting with student research. password wiseowl if needed on any site.

Organizing and Storing your work (see bottom for more writing help)

Easiest way to Keep all your notes and schoolwork and files in ONE PLACE (no more flashdrives!)
  • Gaggle (
  • Evernote
  • Easybib(it will also find sources for research and automatically make a bibliography for you)
  • Diigo.
    • from home download the Diigo toolbar and you will be amazed. You can highlight the website, write sticky notes on it, send the notes straight to yourself and the paper will write itself


Choices for your product/method of presentation:

Presentations and videos:
Gaggle Docs (in your digital Locker under "new")
Video Hosting and discussing - besides youtube you can try:
paper slide videos:

Sites for making your own videos ,websites, cartoons, posters, avatars...

These 20 Web 2.0 Sites are kid friendly:
    1. 19 Pencils - A excellent site for finding educational resources, creating online quizzes, and bookmarking sites for students. Also, teach ers create student accounts for access.
    2. Aviary Education - A great suite of tools such as image and audio editors, where a teacher creates student accounts and class ID for logging in.
    3. BeeClip - A wonderful site for creating digital scrapbooks where teachers create student accounts.
    4. Diigo Educator - A nice site for social bookmarking and annotating sites where teachers create or imports student accounts.
    5. Flocabulary - A neat site where students learn through educational hip-hop videos. Teachers create one unique username and password for the class.
    6. GlogsterEDU - A innovative site for creating interactive digital posters where teachers create student accounts.
    7. GoAnimatae for Schools - A great site for making animated videos where teachers create student accounts.
    8. Little Bird Tales - A wonderful site for digital storytelling where teacher creates student accounts or imports them.
    9. MentorMob University - An innovative site for creating learning playlists ideal for guided learning. Also, teachers create students accounts.
    10. MusicShake Edu - A great way for students to create digital music online. A teacher can create or import student accounts.
    11. PhotoPeach Class Premium - A nice site for creating digital slideshows/presentations where teachers create student accounts.
    12. Pixton for Schools - A terrific site for creating online comics for digital storytelling where teachers create a class code for logging in.
    13. SideVibe - A wonderful site for turning web content into online lessons where teachers create student accounts.
    14. SpellingCity - A great site for teaching/learning Vocabulary & Spelling where teachers can create or import student accounts w/ a premium membership.
    15. Storybird - A nice site for digital storytelling where a parent can create a student account.
    16. StoryJumper - A fantastic site for digital storytelling where teachers create a class and student accounts.
    17. ToonDooSpaces - A nice site for creating online comics for digital storytelling where teachers create student accounts.
    18. VoiceThread - One of the most popular web 2.0 sites for interactive digital storytelling where teachers create student accounts.
    19. Yacapaca - A nice site for teachers for creating online quizzes & lessons where they create an activation code for logging in.
    20. Zimmer Twins - A cool site for creating animated movies for digital storytelling where teachers create student accounts.

*legally* bling out your creations

clearinghouse search of all Creative common Licensed images and sounds

Find the right words:
    • Online Rhyming dictionary:
    • WordWeb- Designed for Windows users, this one-click thesaurus/dictionary works off-line but can also be used to look up words and information online. The free version of WordWeb can define a word in almost any program and provide information about the word's root, pronunciation and synonyms.
Find the right images:

Find the right sounds:

A clearinghouse of public domain sounds and images:

Get others involved:

Write it up with these Document Creation sites


other choices
    • OpenOffice- The OpenOffice suite of tools can do all of the same things as the pricey Microsoft Office--for free from home but not all school computers can read it.
    • Adobe Buzzword- This free Adobe product is an online word processor that works just like a desktop processor--perfect for students who write academic papers and reports.
    • Google Docs- Students can store, share, collaborate, and edit documents online with this free Google app.
    • Primo Online - Primo Online is a free online creation service that allows users to create free PDF files. Primo supports a wide range of file types.
    • Schoolr- This meta search engine combines other academic search engines to make research faster and more efficient for students.
    • Diigo- Diigo is an awesome tool for student researchers. It allows you to highlight and annotate specific portions of web pages. Highlighted info can be shared with other people and accessed from any PC or phone with an Internet connection.

Citing Sources

  • ncwiseowl's citation maker
  • BibMe - BibMe allows students to cite sources and create bibliographies in a snap. This free bibliography maker auto-fills info for you in MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian formats.
  • Easy Bib

writing help