Digital Learning Day at Piedmont

  • Digi Dine Olympics (date: February 5) Go for the GOLD!
    • During Feb 5 's Digi Dine BYOT lunch (and recess), students will have QR coded Olympics themed questions on their tables, around the cafeteria and field.
    • Students who wish to participate will to use their devices to scan and research the questions and then submit an answer via online google form - Must use your CMS login-
    • Digi Dine Olympics Winners will be chosen from the google form submissions and Winners get a Gold Medal (chocolate gold-foil covered) and names read on the announcments
  • Olympics Halls of Fame (literally, get it?!)
    • Check Ms Stone's big Olympics map and rings in the main hallway outside the auditorium for more info. QR codes will be up throughout the Olympics!
    • Don't just walk through the halls to class (because you would never run!), Don't just talk to your friends in the hall: this month they are Olympic Halls of Fame- just scan for links to to cool videos of amazing olypic feats !
  • Olympics and Tech Lessons as desired
    • Teachers and students can check out Olympic lessons at NBClearn