Flipped and Blended Instruction

same presentation as above, narrated

Details about the presentation's 2 links to Flipping at Piedmont


One of Mrs. Joseph's French Handmade flips from the presentation link to her website

What is awesome about Ms. Joseph's way of Flipping French
  • She can make her own lessons
  • She embeds the Educreations on her wiki and will play from computers and ipads
  • Students can go back to the video and review for tests
  • Students can learn anytime and can control it-pause, rewind, or fast forward if they know it.
  • Students can learn from her modeling how to make their own Educreations for class presentations
  • She also uses online flashcards at the site Quizlet for interactive practice
  • She makes the wiki pretty using Glogster (also check out Weebly for a "pretty wiki)


Excerpts of Modified Math Flips from the presentation link to Mr. Booth's website

What is awesome about Mr. Booth's way of Flipping Math
  • Students have several ways to get the information-
  • He uses the best of basic, no-nonsense instruction like Khan academy (where it says this and this and this below)
  • He also uses motivating Dan Meyer videos (where it says Nana's chocolate milk)
  • He focuses on real-world teaching of what students really need.
  • He doesn't have to actually blow up a bridge to motivate students to do their math to figure out how far away it was, as here:

"You see the bridge explode 1.63 sec before you hear it. We wanted to know how far away was the camera man form the bridge. We talked about the speed of sound being about 340m/s which is about 1116 ft/sec. With this knowledge we were able to figure out that the camera man was about 1800 feet away. We talked about multiple ways that we could get the answer, and focused on making sure that our answers made sense an not just writing down what the calculator told us.
this is a youtube video of the demolition you just have to take my word about the 1.63 seconds."

Last Friday we talked about Nana's Chocolate milk and this is where last Friday's quiz can from, the egg problem at the bottom.

these are some things from Khan academy that may be helpful, this , and this, and some practice problems

and Mr. Booth also makes his own videos, he reports that students loved seeing his own children in the video, this is motivating:

this is a clip of me playing the Product Game with my Daughter
Here are some practice problems, just push pause before I solve them and then check your answer against mine.Practice

The divisibility test is something to know. Here is Kahn's take on it, another look. I like to know why three works and 9 too . Here are some Practice Problems for the D. test
Some definitions that would be good to know:
Prime Number, Composite Number ,Perfect Number ,Abundant Number Deficient Number, Proper Factor

all italics are from From Paul Booth's website

The Flipped Homework email- if you want to use the presentation above:

Flipping is a tool that is traditionally thought of as "class lecture at home, homework in class" the resources can be used in many ways: for whole group, for homework, or individually in class or as remediation or enrichment. In order to do a brief skype session about flipping at our faculty meeting, please view the following resources at your leisure so our session won't run long. Be thinking about how and if you can use these in class and come ready with questions and I'll share how and when we use it in our IB middle school.

I have cued the videos to begin at the minute I want you to start watching. You are welcome to watch the whole thing but you don't have to.
What is Flipping? - TV news segment on Flipping http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxJgPHM5NYI&feature=youtu.be&t=6m11s -watch minute 6:11-10:13

Benefits of Flipping for at-risk students (raised scores, lower dropouts, fewer failures) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3LGd88qrTA&feature=youtu.be&t=1m41s watch minute 1:41-2:08

Please also take a quick peek (don't have to watch whole video) at these sample flips:
An example of a literacy/social studies/character ed or library flip (watch the video then click "think" "dig deeper" and "discuss" to see how one teacher used it as a lesson. Teachers can modify these questions, add their own, use it as is or upload their own lesson from scratch) http://ed.ted.com/featured/3nnuEvPB

An example of a Math Flip on that same site : http://ed.ted.com/featured/7mw3qRSi


An example of a teacher's gamified flipped lesson. Made by just recording their powerpoint screen

Training page at CMS IT CON 2012


GaggleTube! Making Youtube Videos play at school!

go to j.mp/cmsgaggle then enter your name from the first part of your email (first.last) then you enter the password cms2012 then you go to gaggletube and search for the youtube video you want then copy the link from there and embed it in your document assigment or wiki and voila

Ready-Made Slideshow Sites:

Don't want to make your own slideshows? Click here and see if someone else has already made what you want:

Ready-Made Video Sites:

Don't want to make your own videos? Click here and see if someone else has already made what you want to use.You can edit the videos if desired.

FAQ articles about child accounts:
Other Flipped and Blended Resources:
see also the teaching tools and tech teaching pages of this wiki

sample Flipped Resources By Subject Area:

Pre Algebra

Social Studies


Augmented Reality lesson using ColAR mix