Google Drive Instructions

(Teachers see the private staff wiki for teacher specific help)
See these instructions in the following video for students --basic:
  • Open Google Drive (scroll below for app instructions, these are instructions from the web)
  • go to http: or the 9 square app icon from google chrome browser or chromebook
  • login to google drive with your gaggle email and gaggle password--- the same way you log into chromebooks

    • username: first initial of first name +whole last name+last4 of student ID
    • password is birthday yymmdd

example Pete Pirate student ID 8635678 birthday January 25th 2000would be ppirate5687@cms.gaggle.netpassword 000125
  • once there click the red create button, then choose a document, slideshow presentation, whatever
  • if you already created something and wish to upload, click the red arrow next to the create button and that will lead them to their documents folder (or they can select their flashdrive) to upload. See the video below for details...

How To Use Google Drive to Upload and Share Files with a Teacher or Classmate:

This video covers using Google Drive for:
  • Uploading existing files from a flashdrive or your documents in the desktop
  • Converting files
  • Creating new Google Drive files
  • Sharing files via
    • email
    • folder created by a teacher and shared via a link
  • Sharing settings for private, public on the web, link and CMS ..

Google Drive From the App

  • download the google drive app from your app store (It is already on the Media center ipads)
  • click the + sign in the upper right - you do this to make a new file, presentation, etc or to upload photos and videos to google drive:
  • First time you click the plus sign and ask to upload video or photo, It will ask do you want to give it access to your camera roll and you will say yes or accept, then you will check all the thumbnails you want to upload and then click to blue upload check at the top right and that is it. Give it a minute and they will all come over and can be accessed from any device via the web and!
  • if the plus sign is grayed out and doesn't let you click it, its because you need to go to settings and join the wifi.
  • Dont' forget to sign out when you are done!

How To Share a video with your teacher from iPad

  • save the video to your camera roll (may need to press the share button from imovie main screen and then press save this video) then export it. it will then say it is saved in your camera roll
  • go to google drive app.
  • sign into google drive with your gaggle email and password (see above)
  • click the plus sign -read "google drive from the app" above and follow those instructions
  • double click the name of hte movie once it is in your drive.
  • share it with your teacher by typing in their name and selecting their CMS email-use their cms email address not their gaggle email.

Dont forget you can upload to youtube by accessing videos from the teacher's revolve or desktop signin. Teachers please see the private staff wiki for details.

Things you can do on Google Drive from desktop but NOT app:

Students and Teachers can do searching and organizing more easily from the desktop. from their desktops make a folder by clicking the red create button then new folder and can then put the work in a folder to organize. teachers can right click on the name of the folder to share the folder with students individually by gaggle email or (easiest) share with all of cms with one click of a button.

To search Google docs for things that have been shared with CMS

(you can also access google drive from your Gaggle digital locker (Login to Gaggle andGo to the Digital Locker, click new Drive Document or new drive presentation, etc-- whatever you want to create).