Hour of CODE

Does anyone Know what this is?

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Blockly (https://code.google.com/p/blockly/ )

Welcome to Piedmont's Hour of Code

Language Arts Classes

6th Grade

Setting the stage

Normally in this class, you would communicate information to your brain via books like these. However, reading is a code that your brain does not naturally understand. When you are a little baby, you do not automatically know how to read, neurons must be redirected to the task of uncoding the words. Unlike hearing and vision, which you have at birth, reading must be practiced, studied, and decoded. But today we will use a different kind of code...

Would you like a superpower? which one would it be?

(share and act out)

Unfortunately you can practice superman flying all day or close your eyes and wish you were invisible for hours on end but that will not happen purely by practicing ---but what if I told you you could have a superpower by starting small today?

Coding is a superpower-make machines do your bidding. Speak to them in their language (the board says Happy Coding! in binary 01s)

Hour of Code Plan

1. Introductions

Comments from guest experts
  • computer programming -- What is Coding clips

Boy Dreams in Code

  • About Today's global event-This is BIG--the Hour of Code 167 countries, celebrites, worldwide




2. Our Volunteers-intro and questions or share experiences with Coding

3. What can you do with Code, Khan Academy will tell you?

As these astronauts say "Your work today could change the world,both on and off the planet"

4. YOUR TURN!- Now it's time for you to Code!

Choose one of these activities for the next hour ...or beyond!

Had a good time today? You haven't even hacked yet


More Coding Opportunities


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