January 2014

Ms. G's Math Lesson Videos
Namib Desert



Roller Coaster Lessons

MVP class
Begin to use Movie Maker and/or iMovie
  1. get an ipad with imovie on it or a desktop with windows movie maker
  2. watch this tutorial for imovie app or this tutorial for windows movie maker :
  3. Try out the ipad or desktop to make your own movie. Get permission to film.

Ms. Marshall's Health Project

Today you will...
  1. listen to a recap of what Gaggle and Google Drive are and how they can help you in class
  2. Create or finish a 3slide practice presentation and/or Begin your group presentation if you are ready -see * below if you are
  3. research and design the cover for your individual teen stress project
    1. find and print an article about teens doing an unhealthy harmful behavior
    2. -type the article summary in your own words
    3. -design an appealing cover- see the Design Cycle Studio for ideas

* Collaborating on a Presentation with Gaggle (which includes your Google Drive account for CMS)
Sign in at CMS Gaggle
  • username:
    • 1st initial of your first name + your whole last name+ the last 4 digits of your cms id# (no dots dashes or spaces) example = Pete E. Pirate is ppirate5678
    • you may have to add @cms.gaggle.net if that is not written for you!
  • password:
    • your birthdate yymmdd (same as to login to cms comuters) example 062502

Under the Orange "G" Logo (at the far left top of screen) click "applications" bar. Find the lock icon to open your Digital Locker

Follow these video instructions to make Collaborative Gaggle Presentations

  1. select digital locker
  2. select new
  3. select locker presentation
  4. click not shared
  5. start typing the name of who you want to share it with
  6. invite
  7. edit away together. When done, share with Ms. Marshall.

Tech Facilitation Classroom Lessons 2012-2013

5/22 and 28 - Ms. Czerwinski's class
Today you will
  • download 4 blank IB assessment forms from Gaggle (located in your "digital locker")
  • fill them out as self-evaluations by reflecting on your Artwork,
  • save them, get Ms. C to type her teacher evaluation and then
  • submit the completed assessments to your gaggle IB Portfolio (located in the assignment dropbox)

To learn how to do it, Watch the video or follow the written steps below:

1- login to gaggle from a desktop (updated gaggle app can now access schoolwide dropboxes from iPad but these are desktop directions for the lab)


Student Instructions
  • username:
    • 1st initial of your first name + your whole last name+ the last 4 digits of your cms id# (no dots dashes or spaces)
    • example lgurthie5678
    • you may have to add @cms.gaggle.net if that is not written for you!
  • password:
    • your birthdate yymmdd (same as to login to cms comuters)
    • example 062502

2-Under the Orange "G" Logo (at the far left top of screen)

open Digital Locker (press lock icon)

3-find the 4 files Ms. C shared with you- Assessments A B C and D

4-Double click each file to open it- it will ask "do you want to open it as Zoho Docs or download to your computer?"Choose download if possible.

5- Open it with Microsoft Word (or other if you have) and Edit it by typing your best answer to each blank and question. You can delete the blank lines before you type. You are writing your thoughts about how you learned what you learned and how well you learned it.

6- Save it by clicking "save as" and adding your initials to the existing name.

7- Once Ms. C has written her eval, you are ready to Click the assignment dropbox (arrow icon)

8- Follow these bulleted steps for submitting Assessments ABCandD to your


  • click the word applications (found along the left of screen listed under orange G)
  • click assignment dropbox (arrow box icon)
  • double click the name of the dropbox you want (IB PORTFOLIOs are labeled "IB PORTFOLIO CLASS OF " (your high school graduation year)
  • scroll to the folder you want to submit to ( math, humanities (social studies, arts, technology, etc). When you highlight it you will see the name show up on bottom portion of your screen)
  • click submit assignment (paper and pencil icon above)
  • an email-looking page will open
  • click attach from locker (blue padlock icon) (or just click attach paperclip icon if the item is not in your locker but saved in a drive)
  • the contents of your locker / drive will show up.
  • click the ones you want one time and then x the box out.
  • click submit.
  • If you see "Success assignment submitted ok" you know you did it right. If you don't see that, start again.
  • Repeat as needed to keep your Electronic Portfolio up to date with samples of your IB work in all the assessment areas.

5/8Ms. P's Class

Imovie Project


Questions:What must you do?

the PBJ imovie was my first ever so don't be nervous it is easy to learn and do.

change sound up and down.
use your friends and your own skills
think about making it interesting
for Ms. Peterson
so classmates can learn
so others might watch it just for fun

Quick iMovie Tutorial:

You can always search for more iMovie tutorials or as questions arise enter into safari "how to _ with imovie app" or use the "?" button for help within the iMovie app.

Activity: Take apart the good and bad of these:
(steal good ideas--it's ok!)

Music Videos:
easy way to do this is search "karaoke" plus the song title and have it playing on another device as you film youselves singing. You can sing into the songify app to get an autotune effect like this:



3/22 and 3/25 Mr. E's and Ms.T's Museum