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The links below help you LEARN what you are interested in and REMEMBER more efficiently so you can
The limbic system inside your brain controls your emotions and your long term memory. Every time you study, you connect more neurons and get smarter and better!

study efficiently
think critically
and communicate your thoughts academically.

Study Skills and Learning help:

Sites to Annotate and highlight from the web or ebook-makes study later and writing research papers easier:
  • Google Drive will annotate and cite your sources for you now! Try it!
  • diigo has a web highlighter and web sticky notes so you can take notes as you go.
These sites edit pdfs and online textbooks within the browser:
Other Study Help:

Flashcard Sites -basic study and memorization tools(with and without games)

Career/ Life Prep Sites:
Information about the ACT college entrance test, as well as resources to assist students and parents with preparing for college
Source for connecting students to college opportunity/success
Free study material for students taking SAT1
A collection of great sites for kids from the American Library Association
Career Info
  • When you take the ACT they'll tell you where you fall on this career wheel
  • I like the way they put careers into categories

Stop wasting your time internet shopping! Get smarter instead!

Please stop playing the un-cool un-math games!Try this site instead:http://mrnussbaum.com/gamescode/or scroll below to these ssites that teach you...

Learn Multiple Subjects

Sit and watch cool stuff ...it's just like TV but it makes you smart, but it is the internet so you can choose what and when to learn.

Virtual Field Trips:

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History-http://www.chem.ox.ac.uk/oxfordtour/universitymuseum/#
National Museum of the United States Air Force -

Tutorials/explanations and Research/information in Many Subjects:

Learn Math and how to handle Money (includes football game)

Learn Spelling and Vocab:

Learn Science :

Learn Language and general topics:

    • www.memrise.com
    • Livemocha- You don't have to invest in expensive courses, books or CDs to learn a foreign language. You can do it for free on Livemocha, the world's first free social language learning site.
    • mindsnacks and duolingo apps
    • zondle
    • learnzillion

Literature and Grammar games

Learn Computer topics -many tutorials


LEarn Coding- Start here at Bento http://www.bentobox.io/

Fun Coding Stuff


basics of coding - Computer Programming readiness:

Learn to Make Video Games

Learn to make Apps

    • http://www.ibuildapp.com easy, free, and works great. Choose the "web" app that way you do not have to go through apple or the play market place
    • http://appinventor.mit.edu/ since there are some wonderful lessons already created for it. There is drag-and-drop coding, though, which is pretty simple compared to typing it.

Learn Social Studies, History, Geography etc:

    • Geoguessr- go to a random spot in Google Street view and guess where you are! http://geoguessr.com/
    • Country at a Glance:

Learn about life via Games:


    • http://www.imaginationcubed.com/- how could you use this? ..its supposed to be a way to collaborate on projects by drawing together... I'm not sure but I am sure it is the wave of the future...words are not the only way to think!
    • http://www.handmadethinking.com/?page_id=23-- after you go to this page and see 21 formats for visually thinking about material you are learning, click on "examples" in the top in black to see a slideshow of what his students did. ...wave of the future I tell you.
    • http://www.googleartproject.com/many of the great museum collections right on your browser! cool~!~
    • These are interesting artistically rendered "elements" with science and cultural/civilization building overtones and it mostly just an interesting game to spark your creativity http://doodlegod.com/ (sorry it is blocked at school. Tell me why cool math games is open but not this?)


Fun stuff to read that's also intelligent:
The best way to increase your skill is to read things just a little harder than you usually do. In fact, if you really like what you are reading it can be plenty harder than what you usually read so...
    • Search for blogs about things you care about or things that you connect with and read!
    • join online communites of things you are interested in.
    • search twitter for hashtag (#) topics of academic interest. follow some of the people and read their links.


Miscellaneous Tech Tools

    • AVG Free- One of the world's most trusted anti-virus programs, AVG Free provides both anti-virus and spyware protection for Windows users. AVG is easy to