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Teach Like A Pirate is a bestseller written by teacher Dave Burgess that advocates increasing engagement through

creative use of the teacher's personal strengths.

How can you use your strengths to TEACH every lesson like a pirate?

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Q: What is TLAP -“teaching like a pirate?”*

A: TLAP is bravely using your personal interests and creativity to reach students where they live and connect them to the content and skills they need.

*There is NOT one best way. It depends on your own gifts and on using them to their fullest to engage students in learning. It is not fair to throw info at students and expect them to care. It is our job to make them care.

The strategies you use as you bravely teach depend upon your own gifts and the needs and interests of your individual students. Take time to build that relationship.

The creative teaching strategies that I find work best for me are found throughout this wiki, including:


Any content can be fascinating when teachers use passion-based and student-centered strategies like:

Scientific inquiry (Genius Hour)

Tech Infusion (personalized authenticity)

Engineering tinkering(Maker Movement; DIY)

Arts integration (Mae Jemison)

Math holistics (Dan Meyer)

( More links and info about steam infusion are on Piedmont's Pirate STEAMShip website
http://piratesteamship.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/ )

More about the Maker Movement-Kids learning through making things ( www.diy.org/skills )

21st Century METHODS-multiple avenues toward mastery

The 21st century teacher’s job is to
“create the conditions that
liberate the genius
of the room.”

-Angela Maiers
EduAllStars Podcast
August 9, 2013 4:11pm

more info about 21st Century teaching can be found at 21st Century Piedmont and at my ITConference presentation site Bringing the Joy Back with Tech




Positive Impact via Teaching Grit and Resilience via allowing for setbacks

(not teaching "failure" but recognizing that falling and getting back up are part of learning and more important to success than even IQ)



Demo links:

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  • Presentation -PD Facilitator Interview August 16, 2013

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