Welcome to Piedmont Tech Usage instructions for students

(teachers see the piedmont staff wiki for teacher specific instructions also check


Atomic Learning



Chromebook instructions step by step:

Teachers see the teacher chromebook page of the staff wiki for teacher login and classroom use instructions
chromebook login screen.JPG

Chromebook Login
  • Check out chromebook with teacher- sign out the number you are using
  • check for any problems with the appearance of your chromebook.
  • Notify teacher immediately if anything is damaged or missing or else you are responsible
  • Turn on the chromebook
    • top right power button
  • Login -At login screen (pictured above) Enter:
    • username-firstinitial +entirelastname (no dots no dashes no spaces)+last 4 digits of your student ID@cms.gaggle.net
    • password-same as to login to other CMS computers - your birthday YYMMDD

Chromebook Student Login Example
  • If my name is Pete E Pirate and my student ID is 2345678 then
my email is ppirate5678@cms.gaggle.net
  • if my birthday is January 9, 2003,
then my password is 030109 2 digits each year then month then day (YYMMDD)

Chromebook Use

Follow these instructions as seen in this video http://youtu.be/9WT44SUgo7s
  • first login =accept the terms of use. scroll down past (and read) all the little words and click the blue button.
  • After login, look along the bottom at left. There are some small squares-
    • The colorful chome circle button -start using the web
    • cms button - go to the cms homepage
    • Gaggle orange G in blue box-Go to Gaggle signin.
    • Small box of white squares- click that to see other apps including
      • Sumo Paint
      • Evernote, and other great useful apps.
  • Use chromebooks with Google docs to always save your work automatically and acess it again from any device at home or school - no flashdrive needed.
  • Treat the Chrome book gently and as instructed. work as intstructed. When finished working, wait til teacher instructs you to return the chromebook

Chromebook Signout and Return

  • stop working when teacher instructs.
  • When ready to sign out, click the very bottom right square and check the box "signout"
  • check for the proper number and color on the side of your closed chromebook
  • replace the chromebook in its proper numbered slot on the right cart, colored number facing out.
  • place the plug in the chromebook if teacher says

Google Drive


Access Google drive 2 ways:
1--from your Gaggle digital locker
  • Login to Gaggle
  • Go to the Digital Locker, click new Drive Document or new drive presentation, etc-- whatever you want to create.

2--direct instructions:

login to google drive from the app or the internet browser with your gaggle email and gaggle password--- the same way you log into chromebooks

  • username: first initial of first name +whole last name+last4 of student ID +cms.gaggle.net
  • password is birthday yymmdd

example Pete Pirate student ID 8635678 birthday January 25th 2000would be ppirate5687@cms.gaggle.net password 000125

Google Drive From any web browser:

  • go to http: drive.google.com
  • once there they click the red create button, then choose a document, slideshow presentation, whatever they want...
  • if they already started something, they would click the red arrow next to the create button and that will lead them to their documents folder to uplaod.

Google Drive From the App

  • download the google drive app from your app store (It is already on the Media center ipads)
  • click the + sign in the upper right - you do this to make a new file, presentation, etc or to upload photos and videos to google drive:
  • First time you click the plus sign and ask to upload video or photo, It will ask do you want to give it access to your camera roll and you will say yes or accept, then you will check all the thumbnails you want to upload and then click to blue upload check at the top right and that is it. Give it a minute and they will all come over and can be accessed from any device via the web and drive.google.com!
  • if the plus sign is grayed out and doesn't let you click it, its because you need to go to settings and join the wifi.
  • Dont' forget to sign out when you are done!

Things you can do on Google Drive from desktop but NOT app:

You cannot edit Google drive presentations from an ipad app. (For presentations on ipad use haikudeck)

Students and Teachers can do searching and organizing more easily from the desktop.

To search Google docs for things that have been shared within CMS you must not be on the app

make a folder -click the red create button then new folder then put the work in a folder to organize.

teachers can right click on the name of the folder to share the folder with students individually by gaggle email or (easiest) share with all of cms with one click of a button.

Dont forget you can upload video that is in Google Drive (keep it under 5 mins for your own sanity) to youtube by accessing videos from the teacher's revolve or desktop signin. Teachers please see the private staff wiki for details.

Share a video with your teacher from iPad

  • save the video to your camera roll (may need to press the share button from imovie main screen and then press save this video) then export it. it will then say it is saved in your camera roll
  • go to google drive app.
  • sign into google drive with your gaggle email and password (see above)
  • click the plus sign -read "google drive from the app" above and follow those instructions
  • double click the name of hte movie once it is in your drive.
  • share it with your teacher by typing in their name and selecting their CMS email-use their cms email address not their gaggle email.


Get a code from your teacher to join. Follow their instructions for creating an account and login.


How to Login To Gaggle

Student Instructions (teachers please see the Gaggle Instructions on the Online Subscriptions page of the staff wiki for teacher login instructions):
  • username:
    • 1st initial of your first name + your whole last name+ the last 4 digits of your cms id# (no dots dashes or spaces)
    • example lgurthie5678
    • you may have to add @cms.gaggle.net if that is not written for you!
  • password:
    • your birthdate yymmdd (same as to login to cms comuters)
    • example 062502

How to create a new file in Gaggle

  • On desktop click applications (under the orange G logo on deskop) then digital locker .On iPad click digital locker (app or desktop)
  • click new on computer ( click the + sign on the app)
  • click the type you want (document (like Word), presentation (like Powerpoint), etc...)
  • begin creating the file. It is saved in your digital locker

How to upload pictures or movies to Gaggle

  • From a desktop
    • you must already have the image saved to your documents or on a flash. \
    • Go to your locker
    • click add file. Gaggle Digital Locker.jpg
    • Choose the location (documents or flash of your file)
    • then click on the name of the file

  • From the iPad:
    • Save the work from whatever app you are in (camera, video app, etc) to your camera roll. (You can also take a screen shot that is saved in your camera roll. by clicking the home button and the power button at the same time)
    • from the Gaggle app, select digital locker
    • select the + sign
    • select from camera roll
    • select the picture or movie
    • click upload. You will see it compressing and uplaoding
    • name your file so you can find it. keep the name short.
    • if the app quits or nothing happens try again or move to an access point with fewer people using it. connections are slow and it is a lot of info.

How to share a file in Gaggle with another Gaggle User

(If you need to share with a non-Gaggle user, email the file within Gaggle)

  • From the digital locker find the name of the file.
  • click share or click where it says not shared
  • start typing the name of the person you want to share with
  • select their name from the popup

How to submit work from your Gaggle Digital Locker to an assignment dropbox

(You will also follow these directions to submit to your electronic IB PORTFOLIO)

From a desktop only, Under the Orange G Logo at the far left top of screen:
  • click the word applications (found along the left of screen listed under orange G)
  • click assignment dropbox (arrow box icon)
  • double click the name of the dropbox you want (IB PORTFOLIOs are labeled "IB PORTFOLIO CLASS OF " (your high school graduation year)
  • scroll to the folder you want to submit to ( math, humanities (social studies, arts, technology, etc). When you highlight it you will see the name show up on bottom portion of your screen)
  • click submit assignment (paper and pencil icon above)
  • an email-looking page will open
  • click attach from locker (blue padlock icon) (or just click attach paperclip icon if the item is not in your locker but saved in a drive)
  • the contents of your locker / drive will show up.
  • click the ones you want one time and then x the box out.
  • click submit.
  • If you see "Success assignment submitted ok" you know you did it right.
  • Repeat as needed to keep your Electronic Portfolio up to date with samples of your IB work in all the assessment areas.

Ways to Share Work from your iPad within CMS

see if the app you are working in will let you use the share button
save to camera roll then upload to google docs via the drive app.


TV STUDIO Instructions

Sound-The sound person is in charge of monitoring sound levels and switching between several inputs to help the program go well. A person who is interested in this job should be able to think quickly and pay attention to several things at once since.

PowerPoint- The PowerPoint person is responsible for making slides for the scrolling announcements. This includes putting up the daily lunch menu and making interesting slides for announcements that come in to the studio. A person who is interested in this job should know how to use PowerPoint and should be able to write and spell well since everyone in the school will be reading each slide that you create.

Switchboard- The switchboard person controls what is being broadcast to the school. This position requires you to switch between cameras and computer as the anchors are presenting the news. You MUST be a person who can carry out several tasks at the same time in order to do this job well. You will need to watch and listen to what’s going on in the studio in order to plan how you are going to switch between cameras and the computer.

Tri-caster-The person in charge of the tricaster is in charge of creating overlays for our guest speakers so spelling is very important. In addition, this job includes selecting transitions between cameras, updating the date and School day A/B each moring, controlling the sound, and adjusting the color for the greenscreen. You MUST be confident with using a computer for this position and you must be creative.

Camera-The person in charge of cameras is responsible for making sure our cameras are correctly zoomed in on our guest speakers and anchors. For this job, you must know how to use basic video camera functions such as zooming in and out and keeping the target centered.

Anchor-These are the students who present the news on camera. To be an anchor you must have excellent reading and paraphrasing skills and you should be able to present the news in an interesting and creative manner. Anchors must be able to work with all of our guest speakers and must be able to pay attention to several activities at once. You must be able to deliver the news in a respectful and professional manner.

Duties by Job:

Set up
  • cabinet
  • cameras
  • lights if needed
  • computers
  • tricaster and login to the computer and tricaster

  • open "welcome back piedmont powerpoint"
  • change date and menu
  • set up any videos for the day
  • get any greenscreen images for the day if not avilable on tricaster
  • focus fully on the broadcast and be ready to cue video or image as needed.

tricaster operator
  • check green levels
  • find any greenscreen images needed for the day
  • focus fully on the broadcast and be ready to fade or switch as needed

  • read though announcement scripts
  • watch the timer and wrap quickly when you are told to end.

Camera operator/lister
  • list the announcements on white board and report them to the timer.
  • adjust whiteboard as needed
  • run camera alertly throughout announcements
  • listen to timer and cut to anchor promptly when time is called.

  • check list of all announcements and backtime how much time is needed.
  • instruct anchors to combine announcements if needed so we don't have to do a lot of camera switches or just let them walk on and off quickly 1, 2, 3
  • If early start is needed, begin at 9:02 with the least important announcements.
  • begin at 9:05
  • set alarm for 9:13.
  • do one minute wrap up.
  • ensure we end at 9:15 even if announcement must be bumped

Cabinet Operator:
  • check all plugs and wires fo audio
  • ensure the switcher next to cabinet as well as cabinet buttons is set to correct output.
  • check the audio knobs ensure the correct ones are at least 75%
  • be sure the _ plug is to ensure studio sound
  • adjust as necessary (put the _ plug ___ for

Sound Checker
  • turn on media center TV
  • be positioned at start of the announcments- listen for theme song
  • report immediately to the cabinet operator if sound is not coming through