Piedmont's iGenius Program

"There's an App For That" Sesame Street

To Apply to be Piedmont iGenius Tech Helper go tohttp://digitalleaders.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/Apply

Inspired by D. Edwards' Digital Leaders – Why you need them in your school? (Plus a few tips on how to get started)
Piedmont is implementing an iGenius Digital Leaders Program help facilitate Piedmont's use of of new and existing tech while nurturing 21st century skills development.

  • iGenius Digital Leaders in each classroom available to provide tech advice and advocacy
  • Genius Bar-type table at lunchtime/recess where iGeniuses offer help and advice for the best educational use of student BYOT devices
  • Training Program to support iGenius development (in person and via video tutorial via DIY, Mozilla Open Badges or Google Ninja programs)
  • Participants Share good news and best ideas via Digital Leaders wiki, Gaggle and other communication venue as needed (Edmodo group?)
  • 30 second electonic presentation (movie, Prezi, Powerpoint or other) submitted with Application
  • Live interview - questions centerd around communication and commitment.
  • An ability to understand that skill levels are varied is key to the selection process, alongside communication skills, and willingness to learn
  • First to receive information about new apps/ideas.
  • Occasional lunctime trainings. This allows for weekend interaction and feedback amongst the group. Training includes appropriate digital communication and presentation suggestions
  • Access to key information from teaching body and IT support.
  • Rewards for attendance and application (including possible community service hours)
  • Undying gratitude of your fellow students and teachers.
  • The primary aim of our Digital Leader program is to support learning with tech in the classroom
  • The presence of four ‘experts’ in the classroom means a teacher can employ tech without having to be distracted from the primary focus of learning.
  • Digital Leaders can offer support without hindering their own learning. In fact their learning is enhanced not only because class runs efficiently but student maturity, responsibility, social and communication skills are honed.
  • Interested students pleaseApply here.
  • Questions? email Ms. Gurthie

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